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is a highly efficient small painting company that embraces novel technologies.
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Supreme Painting Christchurch a company you can trust to complete your project

Supreme Painting Christchurch are here to answer your questions. As well as, help you define your goals, and provide top services to complete whatever painting project you have.

We use only the best quality paint, the latest technology and expert painters to create a new look for your home.

Supreme Painting can assure you that the price quoted will always reflect the price that is invoiced. However, variations are common and usually do require extra payments. All variations need to be approved and may need to be scheduled at a later date as not to disappoint any other clients that have existing bookings.

Why Supreme Painting Christchurch?

We attempt do the job right from start to finish


With a mixture of expertise, novel tools and hard work we complete jobs ridiculously fast.


We provide honest upfront pricing so that you know the real cost of your painting project


We impart Quality Assurance services that approach each engagement as a partnership.

Supreme Painting Christchurch

No soft starts
Premium paint range
Materials & tools on hand


Legacy tooling
Legacy techniques
Contractor paint range
Frequent trips away from the site

Supreme Painting Christchurch's Point Of Difference

Supreme Painting Christchurch is a company that is overly enthusiastic about efficiency. We believe if your not continually striving to be a more efficient painter, you're doing your clients a real disservice. Why, firstly, your making clients pay more haphazardly as you have to charge them extra to return a profit. Secondly, you have less time to sharpen up your work.

At Supreme Painting, we don't charge by the hour we like to think we charge significantly less than the market rate. The problem we have with an hourly rate is it discourages efficiency.

We also love to start and finish as quick as possible, Which we think most customers want. We like to think that once we arrive on-site that we are highly organised, we have sufficient materials and tools to meet and complete daily production targets.

How does Supreme Painting Christchurch achieve efficiency?

By continually researching and trialling new products and techniques. Whether it's obtained from Youtube, Social media or industry forums. We find there is a lot of innovative, industrious and very conscientious painters willing to share their ideas, tips and tricks. Also, we can't look past the retailers and manufacturers.

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