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The 4 Pillars of Supreme Commercial Painters Christchurch


Firstly, Supreme Commercial Painters Christchurch work with our clients on a tailor-made schedule to not inconvenience your business and workflow. Whether its weekends, weekdays or weeknights it all the same to us.


Secondly, professionalism, from preparation to topcoat, Supreme Commercial Painters Christchurch can assure that all steps are done to meet the industry standard. However, we don't always know the best protocols for every situation, nonetheless, if we are unsure we will always seek to find clarification. Generally, we will speak to our suppliers, specifiers or other knowledgeable agencies to have confidence that we are following the proper guidelines and protocols.


Thirdly, reliability for Supreme Commercial Painters Christchurch means arriving on schedule but more importantly finishing on schedule. We don't do soft starts, and we always strive to meet deadlines.


Lastly, accountability, we make mistakes, whether being overly ambitious and or optimistic with time frames or causing property damage. We strive to be upfront and honest and bring it to attention immediately, this way it, prevents or limits any downstream repercussions. All so Supreme Commercial Painters Christchurch are insured so if something expensive is damaged or injury occurs it can be dealt with in a safe and timely manner.

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New Construction

Supreme Commercial Painters Christchurch Process

Meet & Assess

We will meet at a convenient time that suit's you. And discuss the scope of works, tags and exclusions, colours, and view surfaces.

Project Approval

Schedule a start and end date. Test colours and have them approved. Purchase materials and start the project as advised.

Quality Assurance

Inspect work for defects and clean up. Finally, Send out an invoice once the client is satisfied with workmanship.

Before & After Commercial Painters Christchurch Gallery

Kilronan Commercial Property Before Painting
Kilronan Commercial Property After Painting
HPAC Before Painting
HPAC Before Painting Side
HPAC After Painting Side
Commercial Property Before Painting
Commercial Property After Painting

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