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Less Overheads

We don't have fancy marketing & sales gurus, HR or Admin staff.

Site Specific Pricing

We don't submit pessimistic quotes. Our pricing are job & site specific.

No Subcontractors

We don't take your money then hire another 3rd party contractor to attempt to finish your project.

Fully Insured

We are proactive in keeping our company sustainable by always remaining insured. But, more importantly peace of mind for our clients.


We own AS/NZS QA approved temporary anchors and fall prevention systems so you don't have to waste money on scaffolding.


We are a small passionate owner/operator Christchurch painting company. No franchise fees.

Supreme Painters Christchurch


Supreme Painters Christchurch have been serving the city's residents & businesses since 2012. We have experience working in six Australasian cities on some major projects. Therefore a lot of what we do is quite novel compared to our competitors.


Some Christchurch painters take so long they might as well arrive with their suitcases. Conversely, and importantly, we like to complete the project fast and efficiently so we can get out of our clients way.


For instance, A lot of other painters in Christchurch are making you pay for their inefficiencies by using legacy tooling. Instead and more importantly, we use the latest technology to speed up the job and produce better results.

Services We Provide!

Interior Painting

Full Interiors | Ceilings, doors, walls, & windows
Cabinetry | Kitchen, laundry, & book shelves
Damaged Areas | Entire surface, no patching
Offices | Evening and weekend

Exterior Painting

Full Exteriors | Cladding, roof, decks, soffit, & fascia
Commercial | Weekends, evenings & business hours
Openings | Windows and doors
Height Work | Scaffolding, knuckle boom, & scissor lift

Why Supreme Painting Christchurch?


For instance, we provide itemised quotes so you can see what surfaces fit your budget.


Unlike, most Christchurch Painters. We use sanders connected to HEPA filtered M Class dust extractors to gather & contain fine dust particles, so you can breath easier


Most importantly, we don't use DIY tools like a lot of our competitors. For instance, most of our tools are German or American made, that are designed for efficiency.

Supreme Painters Christchurch Project Process

First, scheduling a free quotation at a time convenient to both parties.

Second, arriving on time and discussing surfaces that you want painting but just as important what might wish to have painted.

Next, would be discussing the type of quotation, itemised, bulk or just a simple verbal quote followed by a written agreement.

Last, a quote will be submitted, and any questions you may have will need to be communicated with us.

Project Approval

Importantly, colour choices need to be confirmed and approved by us to make sure that the colour is going to be suitable for the industry-standard of two coats for repaints and three coats for new work.

As a result, colours or price may need to be tweaked.

Finally, once the colour and number of coats are approved then we can discuss a start and finish date.

Project Commencement

Regardless of project size and scope, we always have materials and tools necessary to complete a full days work. More often, we will arrive with everything we need to complete the entire project.

In general, if its an empty property we will only provide a completion date. Conversely, when a property has occupants, then we will provide a list of areas and surfaces we will be working on each day.

Following, arrival we start by protecting flooring with drop sheets, cabinetry, furniture, and delicate surfaces we cover in plastic.

Next, we start preparing surfaces, tapping, filling, plastering sanding etc. Furthermore, to contain dust, we use sanders fitted to M-Class dust extractors.

Following on, is the exciting stage when topcoat is applied to all surfaces listed in the scope of works.

Finally, before packing up, we go through the whole project, repairing any defects, cleaning up and removing rubbish.


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